Adult Martial Arts

From Casual to Competitor, American Martial Art Academy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers beneficial classes to body, spirit, and mind no matter your level or training, age, or size.


Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gracie Biloxi D'Iberville Ocean Springs

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Ages 17+

Welcome to the next level of training. This program focuses on the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo while progressing to intermediate & advanced techniques.

Additionally, this program has an integrated self defense and combative program for both men and women.

Classes are great for stress relief, weight loss, and improved health. Make one of the best decisions in your life and start your journey towards becoming a Champion in Life today.

Womens Self Defense in D'Iberville Biloxi Ocean Springs

Womens' Self Defense

Learn how to become victorious and not the victim. Classes are dedicated to teaching girls and women how to defend themselves both from various standing and ground assault situations.

Techniques and tactics are easy to retain and recall. You will also learn striking fundamentals as well as appropriate combatives / combinations from the Kickboxing component of the program.

Classes will also improve you confidence and self-esteem, increase strength and conditioning, & reduce cyber, emotional, and physical bullying.

GRIT Group Resistance Intensity Training-Aeorbic-Low-Impact Fitness Classes Free Biloxi D'Iberville Ocean Sprints Lose Weight Easy

Group Resistance Intensity Training

Affordable, low-impact strength and stamina training. Get in the Group and watch your stamina increase, belly decrease, and work the better ‘you’ out into the world.

These group-based classes offer a no-judgement zone for self improvement offering guided courses with a variety of techniques to help you along your path to a healthier life.

Using kettle bells, weighted balls, TRX Training systems, and more – you’ll discover the camaraderie of working together, and the benefits some simple exercises can give to you.

Benefits of Our Classes

' Building Better Humans Before Great Champions '

Family Friendly & Student Focused

Safe, Encouraging, & Team Environment

Safest Training Mats on the Gulf Coast

Reality-Based Self Defense Training

Sport & Competition Martial Art Training

Stress Relief, Weight Loss, and Improved Health

Increase Strength, Endurance, & Flexibility

Building Better Humans Before Great Champions

Sexual Assault Rape Prevention Training

Be Victorious in Life & Not the Victim


Our Programs integrate the tried and true Fundamentals from the lineage of our Instructor's Training and Education.

Benefit today from most effective self defense sytem in the world and the best martial art: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

These core technique involve practical, real world strategies, and empower less physically strong practitioners to subdue aggressors larger than themselves. It is one of the few martial arts that can be studied and practices with minimal risk of injury due to its grappling nature.

• Real World Defense Training

• Compete Smarter, Not Harder

• Body Control

• Manage Distance Between You and Agressor

• Establish & Maintain an Effective Guard

• Exhaust Your Agressor



Adult Martial Arts - American Martial Art Academy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu